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A page dedicated to show our great sponsors. The images below will be linked to their respectful websites.

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Ai Advisory Sdn Bhd provides marketing, advisory and training for Will, Trust and Estate Planning service - Family Trust and Family Property Trust.  The main objective of the Ai Advisory is providing basic estate planning services to wealth protection for the general public.

Family Trust 

Family Property Trust

Ai Advisory Sdn Bhd partnering Unity Trust Berhad (UTB) to provide family trust plan. Unity Family Trust  is where you can establish a family trust by placing all the assets in a trust and make the asset available to your beneficiaries.

With Ai Advisory, everyone can be part of the Trust services, where Unity Trust product is NOT EXCLUSIVE to the rich and wealthy only.

Family Property Trust helps you to maintain and distribute your family properties for the next generation in accordance to your wishes.

In simple terms, a Family Property Trust is a specific trust that consist mainly real estate so that the properties can be distributed or maintained after the death of the settlor. 

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